Daisy Boman - We Wont Stop

Who can fail to be drawn into the intriguing and fascinating world of the ‘Bo-men’? Created by sculptress and artist Daisy Boman, they are at first glance anatomically alike and uniform and yet Boman’s unique manipulation of each figure starkly portrays the human condition and all its richness and fragility. Her work depicts a collective goal, evoking a sense of belonging, a united community, or destiny. Sometimes dozens of her ‘Bo-men’ characters strive, climb and struggle for the same goal. In contrast, a lone ceramic figure or pair of figures are distanced by white space; powerfully communicating emotions of the need for human trust or togetherness. Boman whimsically draws the spectator into a subtle humoristic view of his or her own life story, but as if in a tense piece of cinema, she builds tension so that you soon discover how philosophically serious the story is. Her seemingly humourous little men characterise a much deeper significance and worth. Their rich subtext provides a unique commentary on how we handle life’s personal challenges, disputes and hurdles. Very often, by working together.

Resin Sculpture
8.25" Tall

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